I have to tell you this TRUE Sea Story I heard while I was in Washington DC. This story is how the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act started. Now so the person who this is about won’t kill me, I won’t use “Little old Lady”, I’ll use Princess instead. I’d like stay on her good side.


Now this is a true Sea Story. Back a few years ago there was this Princess whose Prince was suffering a disease that is associate with Agent Orange. Now the Prince who had served the country in their Navy filed a claim with the VA and was denied. Luckily he was able to get his benefits because he was able to file under “Boots on the Ground” rules.

Now the Princess was upset because she realized that there were others that served their country but was not getting any benefits from the VA and she knew this wasn’t right and decided to do something about it so she started a crusade to make things right. Every time her Congress Person was near her at a function she would ask them “What about these Blue Water Navy Veterans, why aren’t they covered”.  She did this so many times that her Congress Person decided they had to do something about it, so “The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act” was borne.

She decided she needed others to help her so she asked, well actually “Strong Armed” other such as Military-Veteran Advocacy into the crusade.

Now this Princess has not given up, in fact she is well known in the Kingdom of Capital Hill and some fear her, while other have great respect her.

Now I have not had the chance to meet the Princess but I have great respect for her.

Now I have to say that she is always dealing with the members of the Kingdom of Capitol Hill and we owe her so much that none of use will ever be able to repay for.


The only thing I can say is Thank you Susie for all you do for all of us Veterans. You are a very special personType your paragraph here.