Blue Water Navy Awareness Deck Log Mapping

This map is ONLY FOR REFERENCE. This will only give you an IDEA if you the Ship you were on ever went into the Vietnam Territorial Waters.

I have place samples in the text box to the left. You will notice a list of lat, lon, Date/time and ship name. To enter your numbers just modify the Data.

For EXAMPLE, the first line reads 10.59 108.24 12/18/68 0800,Some Ship. Modify the data similar to this:  9.15 103.27, 5/08/18 1200, USS Bainbridge 

Remove any lines that aren't used. If you need to add more then take and copy then paste one of the Data Points at the end of the list. Once you are Done just Add Markers below the Text Box. This will place markers onto the Map .

You will notice Two Color Lines. The Green Line is the Territorial Sea Line and the Magenta Line is the Line you had to cross to get the Vietnam Service Medal.

The Top Flag is the area around Yankee Station and the Bottom Flag is the area around Dixie Station.

Now I had to warn you, these lines may NOT be exact, but they are close. As soon as I get better data I will correct the information. 

If the Land Mass doesn't show up, refresh the page. You may have to do this a few times.

Please let me know of any problems at 

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