We are here to Provide as Much Information About the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act as We can.


At this time we have 264 Co-Sponsors to the House Of Representatives HR-969 and 20 Co-Sponsors in the Senate. In the last Session of Congress there was 258 Co-Sponsors to the bill in the House HR-543 and no bill in the Senate.

            What I do

​01.    I have Contacted most members of the House Of Representatives by either posting on their Facebook page, messaging them on their Facebook page, Tweeting them or e-mail them.


02.    I go to various Facebook Pages and Post information about the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act.

03.     I went to Washington DC to meet with various staff members for about 18 members of Congress

Our Mission

​01. To Educate the Blue Water Veterans about these Bills


02. To contact all members of Congress and request their support to these Bills.


03. To help other Veterans in any ways we can.

About Us